Using Magic Keyboard with Mac and Windows Computer

It is no problem to use an Apple Bluetooth Magic Keyboard with a Mac and an Windows computer. The following steps should be taken into account:

1. If the Magic Keyboard was first paired with the Mac, you have to unpair it before you pair it with Windows computer.
2. Afterwards pair the keyboard again with your Mac.
3. Obviously 🙂 Disable Bluetooth on the computer you’re not using. if you’re using them side by side.

Apache Spark 2.0: select * from

How to query a „regular“ databases (DB2 in this example) via JDBC in Apache Spark 2.0.

final Dataset result ="jdbc").options(this.options).load();

Where „this.options“ is filled like

this.options.put("driver", "");
this.options.put("url", "jdbc:db2://host:port/db2_database");
this.options.put("dbtable", sql_statement");

Important to notice is to wrap sql_statement like this:
(select * from table) as tmp_table

because Spark converts this to

select * from (select * from table) as tmp_table

Using the select without brackets does not work.