High kernel_task cpu load on Macbook Pro

There are plenty of posts on the kernel_task problem of MacBooks (Pro). There is no single solution for this problem. Often you can’t do anything about it except getting a new MaBook. But here is a (incomplete) list of things that might help:

  1. Yeah, the obvious one. Reset SMC, NVRAM and PRAM (doesn’t really help in my opinion)
  2. Plug the charger into the right USB-C
  3. Check your USB-C hub / dock. Maybe plug in in the charger directly if you’re not happened to own a Caldigit T4 hub
  4. Check your display settings: Disable „High Dynamic Range“
  5. Check your display settings: If you’re using a high resolution like 5k2k try different sync rates. I switched from 60 to 30Hz and that seem to alleviate the issue a bit. And for office purposes 30Hz is ok (at least for me)
  6. Got Settings -> Power Adapter -> Switch on „Lower Power Mode“
  7. Clean the fans (be careful when opening your Macbook and no guarantee that this will help)